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Brixton Thai Language Teacher

Thai Teacher Brixton

Name: Sareera

Location: Brixton, London, SW2

Availability: My hours of teaching can be flexible depending on the arrangements with students.

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

About Me: As well as teaching Thai language I am also a Tai Chi, Reiki master and a qualified Thai masseur. My main interest is Art and culture, well being and healthy living life style.

I am a good Thai teacher because I understand the logic of learning and teaching languages.

I currently work as an interpretor and a translator alongside with teaching Tai Chi and Thai. With 10 years experience in working in Thai Film industry/ Thai Magazine as a Screenplay writer and Columnist. Graduated from a Film School, Paris. So I am fluent in French as well as English.

In Thailand after I graduated From Phaya Thai High School, I took a short course in Fashion design and Art. I then obtained a grant to study in Paris where I studied French literature, Art and Film. In London I took an English course at Morley College and have gained a certificate from Cambrige University ESOL L2.

I am a good Thai teacher because my teaching style is versatile and I tailor my approach to each individual I teach. I take time to understand what my students required outcomes are and ensured that what they learn is relevant (essential day to day Thai). I am also very patient and continued to focus on areas my students struggle with.

Language skills: Fluent in Thai, French and English

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‘We Don’t Teach Phrases – We Develop Fluency’



Short Introduction : Sa-Wud-Dee Ka, We specialise in teaching Thai and support a huge team of local teachers using modern learning materials. If you are serious about learning Thai, you have come to the right place. We have a real passion for teaching and provide a great system to support you throughout your learning experience. We’re here to help so if after reading through our website you have any further questions please contact us anytime.



Why Are We Different?

Native Thai Teachers : As mentioned above, there really is no substitute to learning with Native speakers. This is why we have invested in and trained a huge team of Thai language teachers. After registration, you pay and support local teachers directly. We provide all the resources you need to learn together effectively for as long as it takes you to learn.

Flexible & Affordable Private Lessons: Our system is affordable because, unlike other schools, we do not take any commission out of your teachers tuition fees. After registration you pay teachers directly. This allows you to find the right teacher for your needs; change teacher/location anytime, find a teacher to suit your location/schedule preference, only pay for the time you learn and start/stop anytime.

Structured Learning Materials : A solid method is just as important as learning with native speakers. We have developed our materials from scratch and they are informative, systematic and very easy to follow. Worksheets, Audio, Video, Quizzes, Smart Flash Cards and lots of self study materials are just part of the complete package we provide for both online and offline learning.

Lifetime Learner Support : Because every learner is different we are here to support you for as long as it takes you to learn Thai. The one-off registration provides lifetime access to all new materials, updates, teachers and support services. Learn at a pace to suit you and get the support you need when you need it.

Realistic Learning : After years of development we are realistic in our approach to teaching Thai. The average learner cannot master Thai script or conversation in 2 weeks – it takes time, effort, a solid method and support. Our approach has been developed to provide you with the resources you need to make learning as easy as possible. Our solution is flexible and informative and it works…



Let’s keep this simple; If you learn Thai language and culture with native Thai speakers, you will learn quickly and accurately.



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