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Tom & Jiab

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We would like to introduce ourselves…

Thai Style has been setup by Tom and Jiab. We aim to help learners and teachers of Thai language by providing a complete solution to learn together. We are passionate about providing a great service, value for money and seriously effective Thai language tuition.


About Jiab :

Sa-Wud-Dee Ka, I am Jiab, Thai Style’s head teacher. I have been studying languages for most of my life and teaching for over 10 years. From my experiences teaching, translating and interpreting, I have always wanted to improve peoples learning experience. So in 2008, my husband and I launched Thai Style and used our experience and passion for Thailand to provide something new.

I understand the difficulties Thai language learners have and I know what is required to learn. There are many great methods to learn Thai but we visualised creating something different; a complete solution incorporating structured learning materials and a local teacher to explain, give feedback and answer student questions. Using the written, audio and video learning materials I have spent 10 years developing, the internet and local Thai speakers, we bring everything together to make an accessible, effective and affordable method to learn Thai.

I love learning and adventures. Acquiring knowledgable on many different subjects has been an advantage for me and helped me to see outside of the conventional box and refine my Thai language courses and language teaching methods.

Translating and interpreting between Thai and English is another service I love to indulge in. I understand not only the language, cultural differences and contexts but I am truly aware of the personality of the source language. . . and I love the challenge to convey the meaning correctly in the output language.

From a young age I learnt about Thai cooking from my mum. Now, my passion for good healthy food combined with my teaching skills helps me to run successful Thai cooking lessons. This is more of a hobby for me than a business venture as I cook everyday anyway and I enjoy to teach people about the delicate balance of Thai cuisine.

Our success and dedication has turned Thai Style in the UK into the largest Thai language school outside Thailand. I am so proud of our teachers who have been doing a superb job teaching not just Thai language but the Thai culture that works hand in hand with the way we speak.

My passion is my life and my job; food and language. I share my passions through Thai Style. I live Thai Style and I’m delighted I can help many other people with my enthusiasm for all things Thai.


About Tom :

Hello! My name is Tom and I run the operation side of Thai Style. I spend my time developing our website, building business and managing our staff and clients. I do everything in my power to ensure everybody has easy access to our services and receives the best support possible. I am always looking for ways to improve your experience as all good companies should and while I am working I like to put on some good music and get stuff done.

Over the years I have worked for companies large and small. I have experience working with some amazing people in some amazing places but nothing compares to doing something you have a passion for. I truly love developing Thai Style and helping people learn and teach Thai. I find it very satisfying to support an educational experience that helps to improve lives and teach life skills. This is what I live for, along with good food and some travelling to visit new places and local people.

When you call, email or meet me you can expect a personal but professional service dedicated and experienced in helping you learn or teach Thai. I work very closely with every student and teacher and I really want to help. I love to be able to provide this service and improve the lives and income of Thai speakers.


Thank you for reading about us. We really look forward to helping you to either learn or teach Thai and hope you would like to join us on this adventure we have undertaken.


Tom & Jiab