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If you want to speak Thai

you should learn with Thai speakers

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How can we help you learn Thai?

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Introduction :

Kruu Jiab

When learning Thai it is essential to get feedback about your pronunciation and tones. Developing fluency requires human interaction. Therefore,  if you want to speak with Thai people we believe you should learn with Thai people.

This is where we come in. We have brought together the worlds largest team of trained Thai teachers and developed a modern and flexible system and provide easy to follow learning materials to ensure you have everything you need to learn effectively.

Our system allows you to learn at a time and location to suit you, start and stop anytime and concentrate on the learning styles and language that allows you to achieve your individual goals.

We provide everything you need to learn step by step; Easy to follow written worksheets, self study, audio, video and lifetime learner support with no limits.

Our team of trained Thai teachers provide essential feedback, answer your questions and adapt private lessons and materials to suit you and your aims.

Our system is affordable, effective and supports both learners and local teachers


Learning Materials :

Example Materials

Short Course
Speak Thai Course
Speak, Read & Write
Read & Write Thai
Upper Int. Thai

Every learner is different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ method to learn any language but there are some essential words and grammar you need to know. Our modern courses provide the foundation you need with detailed explainations, vocabulary and structure.

With an aim to simplify the learning process and develop fluency in everyday Thai language our materials are some of the most up to date and user friendly in the market and have been developed from the ground up. New content and regular updates are available to all our registered learners and teachers.

Different options are provided to help learners achieve different goals. Get lifetime access to the materials and our services via a personal online learning space. View, download, listen and access the materials anytime to suit you.

All our trained teachers use the same teaching materials so you can easily attend consistent lessons with different teachers in different locations.

Practice is the key to progression. The materials include worksheets to learn with your teacher and self study audio and video that compliments private lessons and help you to practice Thai in your spare time.

  1. Easy to follow worksheets
  2. Audio & video self study
  3. Lifetime access & support
  1. Detailed explanations
  2. Regular updates & new content
  3. Modern, everyday Thai


Follow our steps to learn Thai and achieve your goals without wasting any time!


Thai Teachers :

Find A Thai Teacher

  • Affordable tuition
  • Hundreds of locations
  • Change teacher anytime
  • Pay teachers directly
  • Learn in person or online
  • Support local Thai people
  • Teachers earn 100%

We support the worlds largest team of Thai teachers and provide a base for them to advertise and find local students. We also support our teachers and ensure they have everything they need to teach Thai language effectively.

The system we have developed supports local teachers and greatly benefits learners. We have set a new standard for teaching Thai that can be transferred between different teachers in different locations and allows you to attend consistent classes with any teacher and lifetime access to come and go as you please.

Our teachers come from many different backgrounds but they all have one thing in common – open minded native Thai speakers with language skills and a passion for teaching.

Collectively, our teachers are fluent in many different languages and provide a huge amount of flexibility with an aim to disperse their Thai language, Thai culture and support your learning experience.

Unlike other language schools, we do not pay for expensive classrooms or take a commission from your teachers hard work so affordable tuition fees are provided and you pay your teacher directly and learn for as long as you need to complete the course with no limits.

Working as a team to support you throughout your learning experience our unique system provides you one of the best options to learn Thai.


What do you get? :

For a one-off registration fee we provide the following;

  1. Lifetime membership
  2. Modern learning materials
  3. Change teacher anytime
  4. Free trial lesson
  1. Learner support
  2. Online members area
  3. Unlimited updates
  4. Money back guarantee


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee in case it does not work out for you after the first free trial lesson and you have not commenced paid for tuition and decide not to continue learning (terms apply).


Getting Started :

We make it easy to register online. After you sign up we give you access to a personal online learning space we call your ‘Student Hub Page‘. You can then contact your chosen teacher to arrange a free trial lesson and access your learning materials.

Start Here Start learning today and register online



Locations :

Most of our teachers provide tuition in person. They may be able to travel to your home / workplace if you cover their travel expenses. Some teachers may request for lessons in a local coffee shop or library or you may be able to learn at your teachers home. Location is flexible and can be arranged directly with your teacher. Some of our more experienced teachers can also provide very effective tuition on Skype, which is a great learning option if you cannot find a local teacher.

Move location or teacher anytime. View teacher locations in;

Thailand USA United Kingdom Singapore Skype (Online)


Schedule :

Make up your own schedule and arrange lessons directly with your teacher at a time to suit you. Don’t lose out if you take a break from learning or go away on holiday. Start and stop anytime.

We recommend you attend one or two hours tuition every week. You can increase or decrease the learning time to suit your schedule and learning abilities.

Practice is the key to progressing so we recommend you make some time to practise after your lessons. Just 15 minutes per day will help you to learn faster.


Our Students :

We give every learner the opportunity to send us feedback about their learning experience. Positive feedback is great to hear but constructive feedback helps us to improve your learning experience.

Over the years we have listened to all our student and teacher feedback and ensure we learn from every experience. We have changed, added and improved many aspects of Thai Style with help from many individuals. We are always improving and developing our services as all good businesses should.

We regularly add new comments, suggestions and feedback openly for all to read. We are a transparent company with nothing to hide and would love to hear from you.

Read our Student Testimonials


How to Learn Thai :

Learning a new language is like building a house and we give you the building blocks to learn brick by brick.

  • Learn to make Thai sounds and tones to pronounce Thai words correctly
  • Use repetition to memorise and differentiate different sounds and tones
  • Practise listening until you can distinguish Thai sounds and tones
  • Build up lots of vocabulary and understand Thai grammar
  • Learn how to make simple and complicated sentences to use in conversations
  • Practise conversation and understand Thai culture to help you speak naturally
  • Learn how to read and write to better understand Thai language


Why Are We Different?

Our system provides unique benefits. We have worked hard to setup a system that is efficient, affordable and benefits both learners and teachers.

  1. Affordable private tuition
  2. Flexible learning schedule
  3. Online learning space
  4. Modern learning materials
  5. Structured self study
  6. Support local Thai teachers
  1. The worlds largest team of Thai teachers
  2. One off registration fee
  3. Lifetime membership
  4. Change teacher anytime
  5. Change location anytime
  6. Unlimited updates

Thai Style covers all aspects of learning Thai effectively (not including your own personal efforts!). If you are committed to learning Thai we are sure we have the best solution to help you learn and achieve your goals.


Education Visa

We are a language service provider set up solely to teach Thai to language learners in flexible private classes with experienced local freelance teachers. The restrictions and requirements for an Education Visa do not provide the flexible learning solution we aim to offer. As there are other options available for you Thai visa we therefore do not offer an Education Visa Service for the following reasons:

- We do not offer scheduled classroom training required for an ED visa. We provide flexible private tuition at a time to suit you.
- ED visa requires a minimum of 200 hours study. We feel there should be no limit to study a language.
- The value of the Education Visa is limited (you cannot purchase a car/condo/get a driving license/bank account nor do any kind of paid work with the Education Visa).
- Expect to be checked – Student Visas have been abused in recent years with many schools taking money for the Visa and not then delivering the required training.
- Often students applying for Education Visas are not students that are serious about learning Thai but are Expats looking for a cheap Visa only.

Other Visa Options: There are many other Visas that can be applied for outside of Thailand before traveling to the country or you may travel to a nearby country adjacent to Thailand. Generally, the Visa application process is much more flexible in Western Countries where it is possible to get 1 year multiple entry Non-Immigrant Visa’s with minimum problems. Recommended Visa’s sought in Western Countries are Marriage Visa, Business Visa (B) or Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (often up to 1 year).

For one year Visa gained outside of Thailand you will need to go on a Visa Run, which means leave the country of Thailand and get a new exit and entry stamp. Even if you get a Visa within Thailand you will need to report to Chaeng Wattana (if in Bangkok) or your local Immigration Center every 90 days to confirm you are still in the country of Thailand.

We are not Visa experts, the rules are complex and change regularly. If you have any questions we highly recommend asking the experienced members on the forum.


Getting Started

Follow the steps below to find your local teacher, choose a course and start learning today. If you have any questions please contact us anytime.

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